Choir Conquers Cornish Festival

This week, our choir travelled to Truro to take part in a music competition. We decided to do a brand new medley of Matilda and we had to learn whole new sections from scratch, as well as all the words to go with 10 whole minutes of singing. The choir have worked tirelessly in their lunchtimes, to ensure that they were ready for the competition. They were. Whilst our competition decided to pull out of our class, we still had to perform and achieve a certain mark to be awarded the shield.

After our performance, the adjudicator had this to say:

Well done: this was fantastic! You projected clear tone throughout, always in tune and expressive. The part-singing was very secure and the rhythmic details were very clean: triplets and rests for instance. Practise higher notes in a more ‘classical’ tone for contrast (and vocal health) – as you did in ‘My House’. You watch and concentrate superbly well. Be careful not to ‘rush’ in slower phrases – keep the vowels long.

You are not ‘revolting’ at all – you are amazing, and you have been trained extremely well.

Bryan Husband 2019

To take the shield back to school, we needed a score of 80. We didn’t get 80, rather we achieved a score of 90, classed as outstanding. The children in the choir deserve every praise for their efforts and here they are, pictured at the venue and the next day with the shield. I was immensely proud of them then and will be also on Saturday: they have been invited back to Truro to perform in the Gala Concert; an event celebrating the best acts of the week. Our children will stand side by side with grade 8 pianists and semi-professional solo singers. But then, that is where (at least I believe) they belong. If your child would like to join the choir we accept year 4 and up and new members can join after Easter. In the meantime, wish us luck for our next performance to Plymouth Pavilions on April 2nd, for Songfest.

This is an email from another music teacher who saw our performance!

Well done to all the children for the performance and for giving up their lunch times to work so hard.