We would like to introduce ourselves as the

Stoke Climsland JRSO team

(Junior Road Safety Officers)

Charley, Reuben, Angharad, Alfie, Emily, Nathaniel, Charlotte, Amelia, Phoebe, Isabelle, Joe, Harry, Emily, Harriet and Ellie.

A Polite Notice on behalf of the JRSO:

  • No parking on the yellow zigzag lines.
  • No Parking in the staff car park, it is for the use of STAFF ONLY!
  • The road area that covers the village has a speed limit of 30mph.


Quick Reminder:

The JRSO will be monitoring your parking and speed. If your driving is not safe and you could cause an accident or if you park where we have mentioned, we will politely ask you to move or slow down.