Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!

This term we will be investigating the question ‘What lies beneath our feet?’ and finding out about volcanoes! We would like to make some volcanoes of our own and for this we will need small plastic bottles (not milk bottles); if you have any at home please send them in by Wednesday 15th January. We are also collecting bottle tops. We would like as many of the traditional round ones as possible before the Easter holiday. There will be a box in the classroom for the children to post them into from tomorrow.

Home Learning Opportunities

  • Draw a picture of a volcano erupting!
  • Write an acrostic poem using the letters from the word ‘VOLCANO’.
  • Listen to the news and look out for any plate tectonic activity (volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis etc).
  • Go for a walk and examine the rocks that you find. Are they all the same? What makes them different?
  • Use the internet to research your favourite volcano.
  • Make a messy volcano using sand or mud! Pour in vinegar and add some bicarbonate of soda to make it erupt!

Timetable Check

In June, the children are required to take a statutory times table check. The check will assess whether your child can recall their times tables up to 12 fluently. There will be 25 questions to answer at random and this should take pupils no longer than 5 minutes. Practise makes perfect and we really appreciate everything you do to support your children at home. There are some really useful practise tools available on the following websites too:

Times Table Rock Stars

Or Google:

Twinkl Year 4 Multiplication Test Check Quiz

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into supporting your children with their times tables and reading so far this year, it has such a big impact on their learning and we really notice and appreciate what you do!

Kind regards,


Sally Elliott