Dear Parents,

This term, the school will be answering the question ‘Can one person change the world?’. Year 4 will be investigating inventors and finding out about how inventions have transformed our lives. Please see the attached topic plan for more information about the things we will be learning.

Home Learning Opportunities

Here are a few ideas that might spark the children’s curiosity for home learning this term:

  • Make your own Goldberg machine at home.
  • Make a musical instrument.
  • Write instructions for building a time machine or a robot.
  • Design an interesting invention of your own.
  • Find out who created your favourite invention.
  • Go for a walk and count how many different sounds you can hear.
  • Listen to some music. Count the instruments you can hear. 
  • Choose 4 of your favourite inventions. Ask your family and friends which of the inventions is their favourite. Turn your data into a bar graph.

Please continue to encourage your children to develop their love of reading at home. Children in Year 4 should be reading regularly either on their own or with an adult. Little and often is the best recipe for reading and we would hope that all children are reading a range of texts that spark their interest. If you have a reluctant reader, try making reading time a treat! Here are some ideas that might help you fire up their enthusiasm:

  • Drink hot chocolate while you read.
  • Read some poetry (there’s loads online e.g.
  • Read under a blanket.
  • Take it in turns with your child to read a page each (or a word or sentence each).
  • Read in the dark with a torch.
  • Ask them to investigate something online and read the information on the web pages back to you.
  • Read in an unusual place (e.g. outside, behind the sofa, lying on the floor, under the covers).
  • Let them to share their favourite picture books with someone new.
  • Put subtitles on their favourite television programme or YouTube video.
  • Read in a silly voice.


Year 3/4 Trip to Merryhue Farm: Wednesday 30th October

Year 4 Porthpean Residential Meeting: Monday 4th October, 3:00pm

Year 4 Parent Meetings: Wednesday 13th November, 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Christmas Fair: Thursday 5th December, 6:00pm

Carol Service:  Thursday 12th December, 6:00pm

Carol Service: Friday 13th December, 1:30pm

Parent Wellbeing Meeting: Monday 16th December, 2:00pm

Please feel free to pop in after school if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Kind regards,


Sally Elliott