Welcome to Year 4!

Our teacher is Mrs Elliot and Mrs Ticehurst is our main teaching assistant. Miss Parsons also works with us on a Friday.

This term we will be finding out about volcanoes and earthquakes. If you would like to know more, click on the project map link below. Please check this page regularly for more news and photos of our exciting learning!



We try to make the curriculum as engaging as possible and encourage the children to make the best of every learning opportunity both in and outside of school. Here are a few ideas you could try at home this term:

  • Draw a picture of a volcano erupting!
  • Write an acrostic poem using the letters from the word ‘VOLCANO’.
  • Listen to the news and look out for any plate tectonic activity (volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis etc).
  • Go for a walk and examine the rocks that you find. Are they all the same? What makes them different?
  • Use the internet to research your favourite volcano.
  • Make a messy volcano using sand or mud! Pour in vinegar and add some bicarbonate of soda to make it erupt!



Children in Year 4 should be reading regularly either on their own or with an adult. Little and often is the best recipe for reading and we would hope that all children are reading a range of texts that spark their interest. If you have a reluctant reader, try making reading time a treat! Here are some ideas that might help you fire up their enthusiasm:

  • Drink hot chocolate while you read.
  • Read some poetry (there’s loads online e.g. www.poetry4kids.com)
  • Read under a blanket.
  • Take it in turns with your child to read a page each (or a word or sentence each).  
  • Read in the dark with a torch.
  • Ask them to investigate something online and read the information on the web pages back to you.
  • Read in an unusual place (e.g. outside, behind the sofa, lying on the floor, under the covers).
  • Let them to share their favourite picture books with someone new.
  • Put subtitles on their favourite television programme or YouTube video.
  • Read in a silly voice.


Times Tables

In year 4 we endeavour to know ALL of our timetables by the end of the year!

Here are some links to help you:




If you have any questions, queries or problems at any time please feel free to pop in after school or arrange a meeting.

Below is a list of common exception words.

For more information on the curriculm please use the link below:

Year 3 - 4 Common Exception Words