11th January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers


Welcome back. Our topic for this half term is; What was it like in a Cornish Tine Mine? (See overleaf for an idea of what we will be covering).   


Homework and helping your child at home:

  • Reading

Please continue to read with your child at least 3 times a week, and put their book the golden box if they have read in order that we can reward them.

  • Spelling

Please continue to practice the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words lists. (See attached) These are really important words for your child to be able to spell. Fridge magnet letters, whiteboards, scrabble letter tiles, iPad apps etc. are all great ways to practise the spelling of these words.

  • Maths practice.

Please continue to practice the number facts for Year 1 and 2 to ensure that your child grows in confidence with these.

  • Topic work

Other home activities that would enhance your child’s learning experience this half term include looking for interesting natural things in the world around you; finding out about a wild animal of their choice, the animal’s habitat and how they are suited for their environment; or you could also find out about Charles Darwin, his voyage and what he saw.


  • Snack time

As you may be aware the children have been having one slice of brown bread and butter with their piece of fruit at snack time. This was something we trialled as all the KS1 teachers were finding that the children were very hungry by 10.30 and a small piece of fruit was not really satisfying them. The trial proved very popular and effective and we would like to continue this provision. The initial trial was funded by school, however this is not sustainable and so we would like to request a contribution of £1.00 per child to cover costs.

  • Your child will be able to drink during lessons but this should be water only and should be in a non-leaky water bottle. 


  • Morwellham Quay

We will be visiting Morwellham Quay on Thursday 7th February. There will be more details to follow. We are looking for some parent helpers to accompany us so if you would be able to join us on the trip, please could you let us know?


  • The children will have PE with Mr Bain on Wednesday afternoons, and every other Tuesday afternoon. They will have a further session every other Friday morning but please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school at all times. Please do ensure that your child’s jumper and PE kit is named.



Yours sincerely


Danielle Young and Mary Breeze