Dear parent/carer


As you will see from the topic web overleaf, our topic this half term is ‘Superheroes’. We will be reading and writing stories and poems relating to superheroes as well as exploring the concept of a hero and discussing real life heroes.

I have set out some further information below:



As for last half term, your child’s most important homework is to read to an adult at home every day. 

Maths Targets

As a class our mental maths targets are:

  • Being able to write numbers to 50 accurately
  • counting forwards and backwards to 50
  • Being able to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s from 0
  • Being able to say the number that comes before and after a given number to 20


Please help your child to achieve these targets by using spare moments such as car journeys etc to count with your child.


Class Assembly

Our class assembly will be on Friday 9th November at 9.15. We are hoping that the children will be able to dress as a superhero for the assembly. If your child already has a superhero costume that would be great but we are not asking you to go out and buy one especially. We will be making cuffs and masks in class, so we don’t need these parts of the costumes. However, it would be useful to know how many children already have an appropriate costume so if you could let one of us know that would be great. After the assembly there will be an opportunity for you to come back to the classroom with your child to look at their work and share the things that they are proud of. Following this you are invited to have a cup of tea or coffee with Mr Towe in the staff room.


Snack time

As you may be aware, the children have been having one slice of brown bread and butter with their piece of fruit at snack time. This was something we trialled as all the KS1 teachers were finding that the children were very hungry by 10.30 and a small piece of fruit was not really satisfying them. The trial proved very popular and effective and we would like to continue this provision. The initial trial was funded by school, however this is not sustainable and so we would like to request a single contribution of £1.00 per child for this term to cover costs.



PE will continue to be on Tuesday afternoons with Mr Bain. Please insure that your child has their PE kit on this day as many children take it home on a Monday after sports club and forget to bring it back in. They should also have trainers and if they wear tights for school they need a spare pair of socks for PE.


Parent interviews will take place on Thursday 8th November from 1pm – 6pm; we look forward to seeing you and having the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. An appointment list is available on the classroom door.




Yours sincerely

Jacqui Payne/ Eli Wiltshire