Dear Parent/Carer


Our project question this half term ‘What are the key features of my locality?.  As you will see from the project map overleaf, this is a geography based project. We will be using mapping skills to understand where Cornwall is in relation to the rest of the UK and where Stoke Climsland is in relation to the rest of Cornwall. We will be looking at the pros and cons of living in a rural area and comparing this to a more urban locality.

Home links: Your child may like to use google earth to look up their house and village. If you are going on any journeys it would be useful to use a road atlas with your child to plot the route you will be taking and give them a sense of the geography of their country.


Reading and spelling

This half term we will be revising the phonics we have covered so far and continuing to learn to spell the Year 1 common exception words. There will be a heavy emphasis on phonics in preparation for the Year 1 phonics check in June. As a result your child may not be heard read their reading book as often but they will be working daily in small groups decoding and reading both real and nonsense words.

In preparation for the phonics screening we would like to invite you to a short presentation on Thursday 9th May at 2.30 to explain what the check entails and how you can work with your child to help them achieve success.  I will also give you a pack of resources to use with your child.



As ever, it is crucial that you hear your child read aloud to you every day at home.  I cannot emphasise enough the difference that this makes to their achievement, not only now, but in the future. Please let me know if there are any problems with this. 


Post office

We are currently turning our role play into a Post Office, if you have anything at home that we could use such as, envelopes, post cards or un-used forms we would be very grateful.


PE kit and clothing

Please ensure your child has suitable outdoor clothing and kit for both indoor and outdoor PE. This term we are lucky to be receiving some cricket coaching from the ‘All Stars Cricket Programme’. This will be on a Monday morning for 6 weeks with a second PE session on a Tuesday afternoon with Mr Bain. We are hoping this second session will be mostly outside this term so please ensure that your child has a pair of trainers that fit.

Please make sure all clothing is named, especially school jumpers.



We would like to continue to offer the children a piece of bread and butter in addition to a piece of fruit at snack time so please can we again request a single contribution of £1.00 per child for this term to cover costs.



Please make sure that you have discussed your child’s lunch choice with them as many children are becoming upset during the lunch register because they are not happy with the choices on the menu. Tuesdays and Fridays can be particularly difficult as there is no jacket potato option on these days. If your child would prefer a packed lunch on any given day this is always acceptable.


Other news

As some of you may be aware, Mrs Wiltshire has been covering maternity leave for Miss Hernandez who had her second baby last June. Miss Hernandez will be returning to Year 1 after the May half term and I am sure you will join me in thanking Mrs Wiltshire for all her hard work and welcoming back Ms Hernandez.




Please could you send in a picture of your child in front of their home? This is to go with their DT project. You can send it in as a photo or email it to Mrs Jenkins. If we could have all photos by Thursday 2nd May they can be added to the display.


If you have any issues please do not hesitate to see one of us. 


Yours sincerely



Jacqui Payne, Eli Wiltshire