PE & Sport Premium   

Our Vision for school sport & P.E.
Stoke Climsland School demonstrates a commitment to every child, whatever their individual needs and abilities, to achieve their full potential in sport & P.E.


The school receives PE and sport premium funding to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport.

In 2015/16 we used our funding to fund support from Arena (staff training and support, participation in leagues etc. for pupils and support in developing and co-ordinating PE provsion including preparing Mr Burchell to take on the role of subject leader from September 2016). Please see the PE & Sport Grant Expenditure Report 2015 16 below for more detailed information.  Key successes included:

  • Improved breadth of experience for children including outdoor learning and an alternative sports day and high participation rates in extra-curricular PE clubs.
  • Success across a broad range of sports including winning netball, football and cross country leagues, winning area sports and Caradon and Cornwall netball finals.
  • Increased confidence of class teachers - as reported by teachers and confirmed in lesson observations.


 For the 2016/17 academic year we plan to spend our PE and sport premium allocation as follows:

Arena support, netball league and alternative sports day    £898
Subject leader training    £480
Smite sets    £100
Sports coach (portion of cost) £7,342
Total PE and sport premium funding £8,820


We want to maintain and build on our good participation rates, breadth of experience for pupils and high levels of attainment. Based on the successful model of our partner school in the federation, Calstock, we have taken on a sports coach for 25 hours a week to improve the range and quality of extra-curricular PE activities, provided targeted support for pupils, promote healthy lifestyles to children, staff and families and strengthen curriculum provision, both teaching (funded from the school's budget) and providing CPD for staff.

Our PE subject leader and our sports coach will work closely together to ensure that we:

  • Use lunchtime clubs to support identified pupils in meeting their individual targets in relation to physical co-ordination, awareness of healthy diet, participation in physical activity, confidence or social skills.
  • Continue to develop the quality of curriculum PE through demonstration lessons for teachers, observation of and feedback to teachers and arranging CPD including courses for staff to meet individual CPD requirements.
  • Sustain and build on the range of extra-curricular activities offered, the high participation rates and the high standards of performance.
  • Ensure that both curriculum PE and extra curricular PE clubs have a high profile throughout school and are well co-ordinated.  This will include website/newsletter information and reports, sports council and displays.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles to pupils and the wider community.  This will include work on healthy eating and promoting Arena monthly challenges.

 These improvements will be sustainable through:

  • improved teacher confidence and capability in teaching PE
  • increased confidence of the subject leader
  • equipment purchased to support this year's activities
  • higher profile of PE through the school
  • teachers building on the improvements in pupil confidence, co-ordination and understadning of healthy choices for targeted pupils

Interim assessment of impact of 2016/17 actions

  • Each of the extra-curricular sports and PE clubs has been as well or better attended as last year.
  • Teachers report improved understanding and confidence in delivering PE.  (Lesson observations to be carried out.)
  • Pupil interviews conducted by the headteacher indicate that lunchtime activities are making a positive impact on the confidence, social skills and understanding of healthy lifestyles of the target pupils.
  • PE and sport have a high profile in the school, including through display boards, assemblies and newsletters.
  • Pupils have experienced new activities through the curriculum, with more to follow in the summer term.

A full impact assessment will be carried out in autumn 2017.


Please see our development plan below for more details.