Stoke Climsland School's Ethos

"At Stoke Climsland we have high expectations and aim for high standards in achievement and behaviour.  We encourage pupils to become caring, competent, self reliant people with knowledge of the world and a desire to learn more.  We aim to achieve excellence in teaching and learning in order to ensure that each child achieves their highest potential."

Stoke Climsland School's Values

  • To accept the child as an individual with needs, feelings, interests and talents. 
  • To create a secure and stimulating environment in which children can learn confidently and happily.
  • To encourage the child to achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life and gain satisfaction from their achievements.
  • To develop a sense of awareness and caring for others through religious and moral education.
  • To encourage school and family links to ensure mutual understanding of parental views and aspirations, together with an awareness of school ethos.
  • To promote the professional development of the staff.
  • To involve parents, governors and the community in general in the school in order to work together to achieve these aims