Aquarium Visit

Foundation Stage and Year 4 had a great day out on Wednesday visiting the Plymouth Aquarium.   The Foundation children met Marina, the resident Mermaid, heard stories of the sea and learnt how sea creatures move, hide, eat and sleep.  Year 4 participated in the Plastic Seas workshop and explored the diet and nutrition of sea creatures.  They examined a re-created stomach of a marine animal finding fish and squid inside as well as plastic from a local beach clean.  They discussed the origins of these materials, how they got there and the importance of protecting our marine life.


Meet Stoke Climsland School’s newly appointed Mental Health Ambassadors 

Our Mental Health Ambassadors have the very important job of looking after the mental health of children from across the school. We will be teaching others about good mental health, setting challenges for the rest of the school and raising money for exciting things to help with our mental health provision.

Maths Enrichment
On Thursday 28th March, we held a maths enrichment morning for some year 2 pupils from Stoke Climsland, Calstock, Harrowbarrow and Delaware schools. It was fantastic to see the children working together with children from different schools to problem solve and have fun with maths.




Mr Burchell’s Chocolate Factory!

Year 3 had a great time this week making their own chocolate; the school was smelling just like a chocolate factory!  The children melted cocoa butter and cocoa nibs and then experimented adding a variety of ingredients to explore different flavours.  The afternoon was spent studying how cocoa is harvested and the importance of fair trade. A big thank you to Ms Picton, Kitty’s mother, for all her help.

Cross Country & Netball Success

Once again Stoke did incredibly well in the East Cornwall Cross Country League competition.  First place for the Yr 3/4 girls team.  Great photo of the team below —Izzy was so excited she dropped the trophy! The Year 3/4 boys team and the Year 5/6 boys team both scooped up third place trophies, so a great achievement by all.  Congratulations to all the
runners who coped brilliantly well running some races in hideously wet and wild weather conditions.  Mr Bain is very proud of you all.

The fastest runners in the competition travelled to Newquay on 28th March to compete in the Cornwall School Games cross country finals.

Year 5 - Charlotte D, Matthew G, Jasmine T, Freddie T, George C

Year 4 - Isabelle D, Toby B, Finley W

The runners all came back with either a bronze or a silver medal; another fantastic results - congratulations!

 Congratulations to our netballers who won the High 5 league  — Georgina, Tabitha, Taylor, Sophie, Oscar, Harrison, Harry and Zak.  They were all presented with their medals and the winning trophy in today’s assembly.  We’re in need of a bigger trophy cabinet due to the success of all our sporty Stokies!


Bottonnett Wind Farm Stoke Climsland School Visit  3rd April 2019

30 Year 6 children from Stoke Climsland Primary School visited Bottonnett Wind Farm at the end of their topic on Energy. 

On a cold morning, the pupils walked up the hill, through the fields and made a note of how big the turbine looked each time they stopped. Once they reached the top, they were happy to meet Andrew, the farmer who was completing his rounds to check on the livestock. He answered questions about his animals – particularly the many lambs skipping in the fields - and how the turbine on his farm is of great benefit in many ways.

Due to the impending clouds, the group stayed together and completed the Solar Farm Challenge, led by Mary, the Education Officer. They were keen for information and had the chance to ask questions and listen to lots of facts and figures about the turbine.

They then had the task of using their Maths skills estimating and measuring, from the ground, the height of the turbine. They did this by using traditional methods and striding back – their results were surprisingly accurate!

Unfortunately, the biodiversity study could not take place as the hail came down and huddling behind the hedge was not enough to keep everyone dry – so an earlier than planned retreat to the coach was made and the pupils returned to school for lunchtime.

There were workshops in school during the afternoon, where children had a chance to find out more about wind and solar power and investigate using electricity kits, a mini wind turbine, solar toys and multi meters. They were happy to report that they had learnt lots about wind power and energy, they enjoyed the investigations and felt that it had provided an enjoyable end to their term’s topic.

Some quotes from the children about the day”

“I liked being close to the turbine…. It was nice to meet the farmer…It was fun striding to measure the height of the turbine… I enjoyed looking up and nearly falling backwards! “

“We learnt how energy is processed and gets to the houses… How wind power can help slow global warming.”

“We would love to see inside the turbine and meet an engineer!”

Staff said:

“It was a great day, well organised, the children really engaged with the afternoon’s activities and learnt about the wind turbine in detail.”

Sports News

On Friday 26 April, Stoke Climsland School took part in the Quad Kids Athletics Cornwall School Games (CSG) qualifier. The team, made up of 4 boys and 4 girls, competed against The Saints (St Mellion and St Dominic combined team) in the 4 disciplines of standing long jump, vortex throw, sprinting and 600m race.  The Stokie team performed really well and won the competition.  The team now advances to the CSG final, which will be held at Liskeard College later this month On Monday 29 April 2019, Year 3 and Year 5 took part in the Duchy KS2 sports festival, which was led by students at Duchy College. Pupils took part in different activities including basketball, bowls, football and bench ball.  The event was a lot of fun and was a great community day.