Welcome to our 'What we've been doing' page. Please scroll down and look at our amazing work!

LOCKDOWN! The board game!

Look at this board game, designed by Ashley, Rowan and their cousin, Kaiden.

I just love the detail on it! Incredible. Apparently, they are open to investment... I think they've found a real niche in the market!

The Prodigal Brother? A Hogwarts Adventure!



Look at this story! What an amazing opening to a new Hogwarts adventure by Mr Charlie! Just look at that paragraphing, vocaublary and use of sentence structure.







Divine Chocolate, Divine Poetry!

Look at this amazing poem from Emily - she entered a competition for Divine Chocolate. So after doing a lot of research into the company and what they do, she wronte this amazing poem! Well worth a look! I was very, very impressed!

File icon: pdf Chocolate comes from different places, [pdf 12KB] Click to download

What I've been doing! :D

When I'm not at my computer doing school work, I've done some cool things! Here is a photo I took on Friday for VE day that I really liked!

VE Day Meal

We had a nice meal in the garden for VE day! We dressed up and everything!


I've been out on my bike.


Honestly, it is really my bike...

Waiting in the car

George and I had to wait in the car while Lucy had an appointment. We had a lot of fun prentending to drive the car and playing with the sun visors. Who knew they'd be so entertaining?!

Baby Lumby

And finally - we've been to the hospital this week to get another scan of our baby! It will be born in September - Baby's mummy is doing well and it is a nice thing to look forward too!

Homemade Wrapping Paper by Isabelle!

Ashley's Awesome Artwork!

Look at these collages! One is Ashley's, one is his brother's and one is his mum's! Which do you think is best! :) Ashley likes his best...

Ashley's Ultimate Gaming Chair!

Ashley designed and then prototyped a gaming chair! I've placed an order, but want to make sure that a PS5 will fit in, as the PS4 does first. How awesome is this? LOOK AT THAT DETAIL! :D

Toby is keeping busy!

Toby is doing an amazing job, researching Kings and Queens. His Two favourite Monarchs were Henry III and William the conquerer. One of them had exotic pets and one... erm... blew up at his own funeral!

May the Fourth Be With You Emily!

Skills to pay the bills!

Emily has been diversifying her skill set - sewing, cooking, collaging and photographing... These pictures are fantastic! Nice work Emily!

Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Check out Leila's latest artwork - taking inspiration on May the Forth be with you, she tried out the 'draw a stormtrooper video and came up with this! Nice work!


Also, below, she made a stop motion video using an origami Yoda! I can't upload the video, unfortunately, but have taken a few screenshots to give you a flavour of it!

A feast fit for a King. Or Queen. Or Ashley.

What a cool menu for a royal banquet for a few different kings and queens!


Which is your favourite?

File icon: pdf ROYAL MEALS [pdf 257KB] Click to download

Ashley's Art Classes

Mr Ashley continues to amaze with his comic book inspired artwork - look at how he created layers in this picture. If only we had some instructions to help us replecate this great work...


...Which he has done!!! Look at this document below - what an awesome effort! Well Done Ashley - this is so cool! Diagrams, clear sentences, imperative verbs... It has it all!

File icon: pdf Spray Art Instructions [pdf 268KB] Click to download

Elizabeth's Egg-cellent Egventures

Too far?

Here is a website worth looking at - recommened by Elizabeth (who has tested it out extensively). It has lots and lots of maths challenges on there and really gets you thinking!

Elizabeth says 'It's really good'. High praise indeed! (Disclaimer: she didn't actually say that to me... I just guessed how she felt by how much of it she is doing!)

Below, see more of Eggy's adventures with pasty making and with sunflower planting! Next up... A sunflower flavour pasty? Hmmmmm......

Rowan's Acrylic Art



Rowan, painting with acryllic! Nice work - belongs in a gallery like the one we had a school!



And a stunningly illustrated timeline of kings and queens! Nice to see that someone's been on the website! ;)

The Doney Dog Incident!




This is Frank... 


... And this is the incredible cellular structure of a plant project that Isabelle did.


Frank thought it was (and I quote) 'Woof, well tasty!'

Journal of Toby's Science

Wow. Just WOW! Look at this amazing poster that Toby designed to explain what was happening in his hairdrier experiment. Below is his brilliant explanation of this poster as well! Keep it up Toby - we'll have you teaching it when school come back!

File icon: mov Toby's Explanation [mov 81MB] Click to download

Ashley... ASSEMBLE!

Ashley has been busy improving his artistic skills, using some YouTube videos to help guide him in his cartoon characters. How cool are these? Also, look out for King Ashley. I think the beard is a nice touch.

The Arms of House Emily

Emily has done some research into her real life coat of arms and drawn her own version of it! What an amazing effort! Well done Emily - this is brilliant!

Taylor the Eighth?

Look at this awesome PowerPoint about the infamous King Henry! It brought back so many great memories of our class assembly (which I thought was absolutely marvellous).

File icon: pptx Taylor's Powerpoint [pptx 700KB] Click to download

Leila's Incredible Artwork - Can you recognise any characters?

Jasmine's work

Jasmine has been beavering away and created some amazing work. Cooking (with re-organised ingredients lists) Writing beautifully in her diary and going for some lovely looking walks!


Skye and April have been perfecting their recipies for a great range of things! Look at that golden pastry!

Everything you've EVER needed to know about shapes.....

Miss Eaglestone has been busy: Look at this beautifully designed non-fiction text about shapes! Nice work Eggy!


File icon: pdf Elizabeth's Shape Project [pdf 3MB] Click to download

Them's some lurvley paaaaasties! 

And, if I may say so, a truely remarkable t-shirt as well!


Look at that sweeeeeede!

Toby's been busy!

Bike rides, running, science and designing his own castle and watching (some) Horrible Histories: Toby has been very busy indeed! Check out the science section for some videos of his experiements.

Book Review

Review of my head teacher is a vampire rat!!             14th April 2020


I thought that this book was a little scary but also funny. The best part I liked was when Gary Petrie was tidying the store cupboard because that was his punishment for licking Lynsey Perry’s pencil case. Then Miss Jones accidentally locked him in the classroom!!! After lunch, Izzy, Zach, Jodi and Maisie went back to class and saw Gary was locked in the classroom and they gave him a mars bar under the door ??!!! And that Jodi said to him to pee in the bin!! The bit that I found scary was… When Mr Murphy went missing and no one knew where he was. Also, the funny bit was when Zach dressed up as a vampire for Halloween!!!! I hope you will like it because the first night I read it I read about 50 or so pages and that’s rare because I don’t really like reading.


By Maisie

Maisie has been camping in her field!

Look at the VW camper! Mrs Elliott needs to see this picture! :)

Maisie did some spectacular science...

Archie has been in 'is tractor!

What a beautiful old machine! 

Doney DIY! :)

Ashley's Diary!

Ashley has done an amazing job of sending his diary entries to me. Turns out, he's been pretty busy! Thanks Ashley - love the 'I'm writing' pose here! Well done!

Who'll be next to send their stuff to me? Who else has written in their diaries?