Times Tables Rockstars

Don't forget your TT Rockstars!

I've set a challenge - 7 studio sessions, every week, 7 garage sessions, every week. Good luck!

Don't forget about the battles either. There is a Boys vs Girls battle and a few group battles to look at too!

If you need new tables or want a challenge, let me know!


This battle started on Monday morning - LETS GO YEAR 5! We can get them!

We got beaten last week... But only a little... ...kind of...

Update 25/3/20

Come on Year 5! They're getting closer and closer!

Every week, I've set 7 studio sessions and 7 garage/gig session for you to complete. Lets see if we can get all of them done every week! This is a good start, but we've got three days left to tick these boxes!

Our ongoing battle with year 4...

All I'm going to say is that they are catching us up. Take a look at the top ten rockstars! Maybe you'll be in this group tomorrow?