Year 5 Summer Term Home Learning

Summer 2, Letter to Parents

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Summer 2, Home Learning Menu

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Year 5


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Summer 1 Menu and Updates

Home Learning Menu Update, Week 6

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Week 5 Update

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May the Fourth Update

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Week 4 Update

Monday is... Star Wars Day!

Well, with it being the Fourth of May, we (Mrs Elliott and Mr Lumby) thought that we might as well make the most of it and say



Times Tables Rock Stars

A new Times Table Rock Stars battle will be commence on Monday 4th May from 9am against the other class. You have just 1 week to beat them good luck! Last week, Year 4 won by a mile!

Shout outs!

A massive well done to these year 5 children:

Rowan, Leila, Maisie, Izzy, Elizabeth, Halen, Taylor, Emily and FinleyW because they’ve actually logged on and done some! J

And a massive well done to these year 4 children:

Emily, Hamish, Harrison, Zak, Scarlett, Rachael, Natasha, Eva, Jack and Tommy.

Here are some extra ideas you might like to try at home:



Try some of the coding activities on Studio Code.

Here is the link to the Star Wars Coding Platform:




Follow this link. it shows you how to draw a Storm Trooper.



Here is how to make an origami Yoda:


Work out the value of each spaceship on the PDF version of this update


Have a go at these two English tasks. The first is a great word search. Secondly, have a look at the word document on the website to try and write your own scolling text introduction to a story (doesn’t have to be a star wars story J)


A few things to remember:

  • Make the font bigger as you go down the page
  • Put important words in capitals and a bigger font
  • BE Dramatic!
  • To use it, just type in the middle. There are two invisible boxes, making the text do a slopey slopey thing so it looks roughly right! So, if you click or move one of them, things will get weird! There is an example on the next page for you to see as well.


Look after yourself, everyone... Keep sending those photos we love to see what you’ve been doing!

The force will be with you.



Tom Lumby and Sally Elliott

Week 3 Update

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Week 3 Update (27/4/20)


Hi Year 5!

Hope you are all keeping well still – I’m looking forward to catching up with some more of you this week on the phone! Here are a few more ideas to keep those imaginations humming. Please don’t forget – feel free to email me something if you like, or if you have a question or even if you’re just stuck for something to do! My email address is and I’ve already put some awesome bits on the website – go and have a look!


Anyway, here are some more ideas for your learning:

English: Try writing a character description of a king or queen. Perhaps you want to describe the incredible bravery of Richard the Lionheart? Or the shrewd determination of Queen Victoria?

Things to think about:

  • Amazing vocabulary
  • Stunning sentence structures
  • Perfect paragraphs
  • Incredible insight (research really, but I liked the alliterative theme I had going on…)


Maths: Don’t forget the awesome ‘Problem of the day’ on the website.

Don’t forget your TT Rockstars! Only half of you have been on Times Tables Rockstars this week and we’ve got a battle on against….


I’ve had a great time finding this one! Here’s a picture of my ‘hero’! Some of the questions were nice and easy… Others made me get a pencil and paper!!!


History: Have a look at these videos on the BBC website. Draw a poster, advertising a Tudor child’s job, like a job advert in the newspaper! Or perhaps, if you can convince a family member, have a go at a Tudor dance? I’ll give you £2,500 pounds (class money) for a video of you dancing in a Tudor style! (Don’t worry, I only put things on the website that I have permission to put on the website…)


On Monday 20th April, BBC Bitesize are starting daily session on a variety of subjects and might be well worth a look. I really liked these two lessons – why don’t you have a go?

Singing with feeling:

Factors and Multiples:


Missing you all – Friday’s Zoom thingy was AMAZING!


Looks like we’re on for next Friday I think? Look out for a new invite. Drop me an email if you can find a spare moment! I love to hear from you.

Tom Lumby

Summer Term Home Learning Menu

Dear parents, carers and children,

Well, the summer term has come around and we are all still (hopefully) self-isolating successfully! It has been so nice to hear from some of you, and see some of the things you’ve been up to. Hopefully, I’ll get to speak to more of you in the coming weeks as well, because I miss you all and miss being in school too!

Our topic was supposed to be about tourism and built around our trip to France… but for obvious reasons, I’ve decided to change that a bit. Instead, I thought it would be nice to look back a little and look at Kings and Queens of England. We have already learned about Henry VIII, but there are so many more amazing facts, characters and tales to learn about. So the home learning menu that is here on the website will give you some ideas, some food for thought (literally in some cases) and some inspiration to do some more learning at home. I can’t stress enough though, that this isn’t a checklist, but a menu to pick and choose from. If you want more guidance or ideas, just drop me an email ( Try to read every day and practice your times tables or things we have already done in the classroom. I have all sorts of resources I can send to you, if I know what you are looking for!

Please, continue looking after yourselves and make the most of the time at home.

Tom Lumby




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Our Home Learning Menu

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Linked Resources

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