Here is some of the work Year 4 have been doing at home...

If you want your work to appear on the website, please email it to and state that it is OK to post online. 

Molly created this diagram of the digestive system....

...then she used the recycling to make this awesome model of it! 

Scarlett has been busy writing a poem about the weather! 

Before Zak caught chicken pox...

...he cleared and cut down the bushes, took down a fence, cut up the wood from the fence, mowed the lawn, dug compost into the vegetable patch, walked the dog, found some Cornish produce at home, did a basket ball challenge, played TTRockstars and finished some maths work! Get well soon Zak! 

Archie’s Weather Poem:

The blue sky has come out from its long winter nap,

It’s like the sunshine is being poured out of a tap.

Not a cloud to dull the sky,

I’m so happy that I think I could fly.


The green grass is glistening in the light,

And the sun in the sky shines so bright.

The rustle of the leaf’s echoes through the street,

And you can hear when two birds meet.


As the sun beams down, you have the occasional cold blast

Of the wind but it won’t last.

The scent of fresh air fills my nose,

It smells so sweet, just like a rose.


It’s much to warm to keep my jumper on,

Sat on my doorstep is where I belong.

It’s my favourite time of the year,

When the sky is so blue and clear.


By Archie Biddle (with a little help from my big sister, Ellie)

While Scarlett wasn't jumping in puddles today, she was busy drawing this diagram of the digestive system. 

Scarlett also listened carefully to some music and tried to identify what she could hear. 

Alfie has been busy making things again. 

Look at his glorious gun!

Kitty has written a fantastic story!

Once she had finished, she acted it out and sent in the video! 

At Mrs Elliott's house, Willow and Lola have enjoyed seeing your e-mails and listening to some of you on the phone today! 

Look what Teddy has been up to!

Hello everybody that's looking on the website. This is the seeds I planted in my garden. First, we dug some trenches that we filled with compost. Next, we shook the seeds in out of the bag. Finally, we watered the seeds and put the labels on. Now we wait for them to grow. We have to water them everyday. We will use the hose you can see in the picture in the corner so they don't die and stay healthy.

Best wishes, from Teddy


Orson has been designing his own pasty

Orson went for a run at 7am! 

Scarlett has made a wordsearch using her spelling words.

Can you find all of the words? 

Aggie's 'Diary of a Cooped Up Kid' (Monday)

Aggie's model of an animal cell

Scarlett's rain gauge

Archie's pasty recipe

                         How to make a pasty.

Are you tired of eating plane food because pasties are too expensive? Have you ever taken a bite in a pasty and it doesn’t taste like a real pasty? Then why not read these instructions to make a pasty!


You will need                                                              .Crimp edges over

.GILLIAN FRANCILS                                                               .Brush pastry with egg and milk  glaze

.Strong bread flour:500g                                                      .Bake:165c

.Salt:1tsp                                                                     for:50-55 mins

.Butter:125g                                                                                     Finally EAT AND ENJOY!


.Rub lightly until it looks like breadcrumbs

.Cold water:175ml

.Kneed until elastic

.Wrap and refrigerate for 3 hours

.Roll out pastry

.Get a :20cm circle and cut around the pastry

.Beef skirt:400g

.Firm waxy potato:300g



.Salt and pepper all in a bowl

.Mix veg and meet

.Put filling on pastry

.Brush edge with water

.Fold pastry over

Scarlett designed and made her own pasty box by creating a net