Here are some of the fabulous things you have been doing at home!

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Thank you for being AMAZING as always Year 4!


Ollie has been having lots of fun during lockdown. He's even mastered the art of hoovering! I wonder if anyone else can hoover the house for their family this week...

Scarlett, modelling her green Blue Peter badge! 

Emily has had a busy half term! 

Emily's Artwork 

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. 

Created and photographed by Emily. 

Ollie took a break from TTRS to have a dip in the pool! 

Scarlett's outdoor art! 

Rachael made an origami Yoda! 

Look at Fred's Anglo-Saxon brooch! How many lines of symmetry can you identify? 

Look at Aggie's HUGE and very detailed family tree! 

Here are some of Rachael's 'Andy Goldsworthy inspired' pieces of artwork. 

Rachael has been doing some gardening.

She has planted some flowers and some vegetables! Yum! 

Here are some of Scarlett's silly sentences

Check out Freddie's birthday cake which he made with his mum. We hope you had a great birthday Fred! 

This is a picture of Scarlett's family tree

Aggie has made this ingenious biscuit clock!

I can't think of a better way to learn about time! 

Fred's been busy! 

Freddie has been busy completing his maths and English work. He has also created a deforestation poster and made some Anglo-Saxon shortbread this week! 

Emily took a break from TTRS to enjoy a walk at Minions and bake some cakes! They look scrummy!

Let's congratulate Emily on achieving a new personal best on Times Tables Rockstars! 

Here is a snippet of Scarlett's animation! 

Here is a 'sneak peak' at Natasha's animation creation! 

Sammy has been working hard on his times tables! 

Home learning at it's best! Look at Scarlett's slide!

Sampson has been busy learning about area and perimeter and making pizza! Yum! 

Sammy went on a nature hunt. He took some photos of the things he saw and has made them into his own nature booklet. Now he can identify the things he sees while he's out exploring! What a great idea! 

Chef Scarlett whipped up some homemade spaghetti! 

Check out Freddie's Star Wars inspired scrolling text! 

File icon: pptm star wars intro [Autosaved] (1) [pptm 3MB] Click to download

Emily made this colourful bunting for her VE Day celebrations! 

Here is a snapshot from Freddie's epic stop motion animation about 'essential shopping' during lockdown! One man purchases an 'essential shark'. 

This is a glimpse of Molly's animation! She cleverly added some music to hers too. 

Dylan has been doing tricks on his trampoline! 

Look at Aggie's Viking warrior!! 

Can you guess what Molly is making?

Sampson's Week! 

Sampson has been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages this week. He has also done some writing about the seasons and found a newt in his garden. To commemorate VE Day he created some artwork and made an identity card. He also watched some video clips to enhance his understanding. Of course, Dumbo and Carrot Stick have kept him busy too! What a great week! 

Look at all of Emily's fabulous artwork! 

Molly made this delicious pasta bake by following the recipe herself! looks scrumdiddlyumptious!

For Star Wars Week Scarlett created this cool Stormtrooper and an origami Yoda!

Zak's Veg Patch

Zak has been looking after his raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, chives, runner beans, peas, beetroot, onions, spring onions, carrots, parsnips, corn on the cob, cabbages, brussel sprouts and potatoes! Look out Zak, Angie will be after these for the school dinners! 

Harry M made his own game using Studio Code

Check out Freddie's 'Bluetrooper'

Zak and Eli made origami Yodas

Scarlett completed the Star Wars coding challenge on Studio Code this week

Read Scarlett's story if you dare...

Once a long  time ago , a village had just had a new royal member to the family. A prince was born on the same day they had found an evil monster, so they named the monster after the child that was born hoping he would defeat it one day when he was older. But instead he turned down the offer of being the hero of the village because the monster was to vicious.
It was a fire breathing Venus flytrap.
So lots of brave men went forth to defeat it no one was lucky enough to see the monster because it was protected by a barrier of lava and it was a trap all the men were brave so jumped but they were meant to just walk. So the last resort was the royal wimp so he went forth like the others and he was very clever so he walked across and went to the fire breathing Venus flytrap. It was the size of 3 wooly mammoths so it was going to be a tough fight. He wasn't seen for 10 weeks everyone thought he was dead but about 3 days later he came back with the head of the monster. Everyone cheered and clapped they were safe then one day someone found out the lie he was a lair! It wasn't the actual head it was a fake!
So he told everyone in the village and then the prince got into big trouble the he really did. He had put blood of insects on his sword and just found a Venus flytrap and cut its head off. So he ran far and turned wild and became a beast himself. He hasn't been seen since. Maybe you can find him.  

In true Star Wars style, Sampson has used Powerpoint to create his own rolling text about one of his favourite stories. Can you guess what he's written about? 

File icon: pptx Harry P Star wars (1) [pptx 30KB] Click to download

Zak has made these delicious Anglo-Saxon cakes.

Here is the recipe if you would like to make some yourself. 

Here is Aggie's Anglo-Saxon rune writing! 

Look at Zak's Anglo-Saxon shield!

After being inspired by Orson, Zak has painted and hidden some stones. Can you find one of them? 

Sampson completed last week's science investigation. He has recorded his experiment using a Powerpoint. Click on the document to see his investigation for yourself. 

File icon: pptx Feet experiemnet [pptx 12MB] Click to download

Emily made a beautiful card for Captain Tom Moore to celebrate his 100th birthday! 

Freddie has written his name in Anglo-Saxon runes, created a Kennings poem and found some interesting artefacts while walking his dog Pip! #awesome

Rachael has been busy again this week. Here are some pictures of what she has been up to including her gorgeous cat Bucca. 

Sampson has had lots of fun this week with his two new rabbits Dumbo and Carrot-Stick! 

It's been another crazy week for Zak! 

He's made bath bombs and shortbread, written a Kennings poem AND achieved a new personal best score on Times Tables Rockstars! 

Sammy has been busy relaxing on the allotment, making cards and creating his own Anglo-Saxon timeline!

Archie has drawn an Anglo-Saxon

Scarlett's deforestation poster

Chef Weaver has whipped up some Anglo-Saxon shortbread

Rachael has really engaged with her topic work.

Look at all the exciting things she's been up to! Well done Rachael!  

This is Scarlett's gruesome description of the monster Grendel!

She has used lots of interesting grammatical features.

What can you spot? 

Gruesome Grendel


A nice  creature was born

By two normal people but…

Anglo saxon  scientists did some experiments on him

And made him a terrifying monster that had gills

A slimy body and claws as sharp as swords

He was an antisocial misfit

When his parents saw him like that

They took him to the swamp right outside the village

And left him there to die

But that was not the case

He could breathe underwater and he was hungry for blood

So he killed about 200 fish a day and sometimes land animals

But he was still hungry for a bigger meal of blood and flesh

The rotting smell of fish and flesh where looming in his den

Then one day his dream came true sort of…

The leader of the village and king Hrothgar

Was never afraid of anything

So he was daring enough to build a  great hall right on the side of the swamp

He invited a lot of rich and brave men to come and have a feast with him

And that is when Grendel awoke (his name wasn't Grendel  when he was born its just his monster form name) he was ready for more food and more blood

He stomped through  the swamp like a toddler having a tantrum

He hated he really did hate the sound of laughter and happiness after what happened

So he went and attacked the hall and a lot of lives were lost that night 

Alot alot of men tried to fight the creature but sadly ended up the same way as the others

Except one, find out more later…!   


Gendels gruesome description



Blood slurper

Flesh eating monster

King troumotisier

Swamp troder

Scientist hater

Life taker

Hall hauter

Name changer

Mayonnaise yellow eyes

Gorge to Grendel

Fish killer

Happiness despiser

Laughter destroyer

Soul realiser

Death bringer   

Knife claws

Sampson loves a challenge and has been working on some long division at home! 

Mr Biddle has baked some delicious pasties!

I think he's ready for Masterchef! 

Ashleigh has been drawing pictures of habitats for her science work

Aggie collected some data about minibeasts in her garden. She has presented her findings using a bar graph

Here is Sampson's Kennings poem.

Sampson has written this awesome story inspired by a picture of a snow penguin...

Orson took a break from working out to make these amazing models.

Meet Rex and Banjo!

Scarlett has written her name in Anglo-Saxon runes

Aggie made these beautiful models out of clay 

Molly has written a very thoughtful acrostic poem about coronavirus

Look at Zak's luxurious bug hotel! 





Zak found these beautifully decorated stones hidden by Orson and his family when he went for a walk! Brilliant boys! I wonder if anyone else has spotted them...

Tony Stark (a.k.a. Teddy) has sent in this picture of his seeds that have germinated. 

Sampson made this fantastic bench!

Here is Zak's design for an Anglo-Saxon brooch

Alfie has been practising his maths by completing these workbooks

Sampson has been doing some photography. 

Here are some of his photos. Look closely. Can you tell what he was photographing from each of these close-up shots? 

Scarlett made a bug hotel with a swimming pool on the roof. 

Dylan has been busy writing a recount about his time in 'lockdown'. 

What a great idea! Something to treasure and look back on when you are an old man! 

Aggie has written a gruesome Kenning about a sword!

Molly's drawing of a viking looks very professional! 

Here is Ethan's 5* bug hotel! It even has a helipad! 

Look at Scarlett's burgers! Yum!

Harrison has been extremely busy at home! Here he is reading Harry Potter under the stairs (very clever)! He has also made a city for Thor and a sewn a pillow and quilt for his teddy. 

Tommy and Jack have been busy in their new garden.

Look at Archie's amazing drawing of a car!

Teddy used a world map to find out where his food comes from. He found out that his cashew nuts came from furthest away. Great work Teddy! 

Alfie has been keeping up with his reading! 

Sampson has been working hard as you can see from his timetable and fab photos! 

Emily has been busy making cakes, reading Mr Stink and walking in the sunshine. 

Orson made his own delicious Cornish pasties! They look proper 'ansome!

Molly created this diagram of the digestive system....

...then she used the recycling to make this awesome model of it! 

Scarlett has been busy writing a poem about the weather! 

Before Zak caught chicken pox...

...he cleared and cut down the bushes, took down a fence, cut up the wood from the fence, mowed the lawn, dug compost into the vegetable patch, walked the dog, found some Cornish produce at home, did a basket ball challenge, played TTRockstars and finished some maths work! Get well soon Zak! 

Archie’s Weather Poem:

The blue sky has come out from its long winter nap,

It’s like the sunshine is being poured out of a tap.

Not a cloud to dull the sky,

I’m so happy that I think I could fly.


The green grass is glistening in the light,

And the sun in the sky shines so bright.

The rustle of the leaf’s echoes through the street,

And you can hear when two birds meet.


As the sun beams down, you have the occasional cold blast

Of the wind but it won’t last.

The scent of fresh air fills my nose,

It smells so sweet, just like a rose.


It’s much to warm to keep my jumper on,

Sat on my doorstep is where I belong.

It’s my favourite time of the year,

When the sky is so blue and clear.


By Archie Biddle (with a little help from my big sister, Ellie)

While Scarlett wasn't jumping in puddles today, she was busy drawing this diagram of the digestive system. 

Scarlett also listened carefully to some music and tried to identify what she could hear. 

Alfie has been busy making things again. 

Look at his glorious gun!

Kitty has written a fantastic story!

Once she had finished, she acted it out and sent in the video! 

At Mrs Elliott's house, Willow and Lola have enjoyed seeing your e-mails and listening to some of you on the phone today! 

Look what Teddy has been up to!

Hello everybody that's looking on the website. This is the seeds I planted in my garden. First, we dug some trenches that we filled with compost. Next, we shook the seeds in out of the bag. Finally, we watered the seeds and put the labels on. Now we wait for them to grow. We have to water them everyday. We will use the hose you can see in the picture in the corner so they don't die and stay healthy.

Best wishes, from Teddy


Orson has been designing his own pasty

Orson went for a run at 7am! 

Scarlett has made a wordsearch using her spelling words.

Can you find all of the words? 

Aggie's 'Diary of a Cooped Up Kid' (Monday)

Aggie's model of an animal cell

Scarlett's rain gauge

Archie's pasty recipe

                         How to make a pasty.

Are you tired of eating plane food because pasties are too expensive? Have you ever taken a bite in a pasty and it doesn’t taste like a real pasty? Then why not read these instructions to make a pasty!


You will need                                                              .Crimp edges over

.GILLIAN FRANCILS                                                               .Brush pastry with egg and milk  glaze

.Strong bread flour:500g                                                      .Bake:165c

.Salt:1tsp                                                                     for:50-55 mins

.Butter:125g                                                                                     Finally EAT AND ENJOY!


.Rub lightly until it looks like breadcrumbs

.Cold water:175ml

.Kneed until elastic

.Wrap and refrigerate for 3 hours

.Roll out pastry

.Get a :20cm circle and cut around the pastry

.Beef skirt:400g

.Firm waxy potato:300g



.Salt and pepper all in a bowl

.Mix veg and meet

.Put filling on pastry

.Brush edge with water

.Fold pastry over

Scarlett designed and made her own pasty box by creating a net