Year 4 Summer Term Home Learning Menu


Monday 8th June is World Ocean Day





Next week's home learning menu will have lots of resources linked to World Ocean Day which takes place on Monday 8th June. The World Ocean Day for Schools website is hosting a range of fun activities on the day. Here is a link to their site and to the right is a poster containing the day's timetable. This is a day the whole family can get stuck into so please get ready to dress up in blue to support World Ocean Day on Monday. 

Summer 2, Letter to Parents

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Summer 2, Home Learning Menu

Please use this link to access the resources to go with our home learning menu:

Year 4

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Summer 1 Menu and Updates

National Book Token Competition


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Home Learning Menu Update, Week 6

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Week 5 Update

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Week 4 'May the Fourth Be With You' Update

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Week 4 Update for Year 4 and 5 (4/5/2020)


Monday is... Star Wars Day!

Well, with it being the Fourth of May, we (Mrs Elliott and Mr Lumby) thought that we might as well make the most of it and say



Times Tables Rock Stars

A new Times Table Rock Stars battle will be commence on Monday 4th May from 9am against the other class. You have just 1 week to beat them good luck! Last week, Year 4 won by a mile!

Shout outs!

A massive well done to these year 5 children:

Rowan, Leila, Maisie, Izzy, Elizabeth, Halen, Taylor, Emily and FinleyW because they’ve actually logged on and done some! J

And a massive well done to these year 4 children:

Emily, Hamish, Harrison, Zak, Scarlett, Rachael, Natasha, Eva, Jack and Tommy.

Here are some extra ideas you might like to try at home:



Try some of the coding activities on Studio Code.

Here is the link to the Star Wars Coding Platform:




Follow this link. it shows you how to draw a Storm Trooper.



Here is how to make an origami Yoda:


Work out the value of each spaceship on the PDF version of this update


Have a go at these two English tasks. The first is a great word search. Secondly, have a look at the word document on the website to try and write your own scolling text introduction to a story (doesn’t have to be a star wars story J)


A few things to remember:

  • Make the font bigger as you go down the page
  • Put important words in capitals and a bigger font
  • BE Dramatic!
  • To use it, just type in the middle. There are two invisible boxes, making the text do a slopey slopey thing so it looks roughly right! So, if you click or move one of them, things will get weird! There is an example on the next page for you to see as well.


Look after yourself, everyone... Keep sending those photos we love to see what you’ve been doing!

The force will be with you.



Tom Lumby and Sally Elliott

Week 3 update

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Week 3 Update (27/4/20)


Hello everybody!

I hope you are OK and having lots of fun at home. I’ve loved chatting to you and your families this week and I have updated the website with the photos you have sent me. You can send any pictures or messages to my e-mail address at



A new Times Table Rock Stars battle will be commence on Monday 27th April from 9am against Year 5. You have just 1 week to beat them – good luck!

Shout outs!

Well done to Emily, Hamish, Ashleigh, Jack, Zak, Scarlett, Eva, Rachael, Kacey and Molly who have all been practising this week.



Here are some extra ideas you might like to try at home:


Here are some maths games to have a go at:


This is a great game for practising your mental maths.



If you fancy a challenge, this is the game for you!

You might need a pencil and paper to solve some of these questions though!




Write a letter to your future self about what it has been like during the Coronavirus Lockdown. This is a letter you might not open again until you are 100 years old! What would you like to tell your 100 year old self?

Here are some things you might want to write about:

  • What is the best thing about being in lockdown?
  • What fun things have you done?
  • How has it made you feel?
  • What do you miss doing?

You might want to draw a picture or add a photograph of your family so you can look back and remember this when you are old!



Here is a science question to have some fun answering this week:

Can people with big feet can jump better than people with small feet?


Now you might already have an answer to this. That would be your prediction. Write your prediction down and then find a way to test it to see if you were correct. You might need some family members to help you!

Things to think about:

  • How can you find out if your feet are big or small?
  • How will you know who has the best jump? What could you measure?
  • How will you know who had the ‘best’ jump?
  • How could your record your findings?

I’d love to see how you answer this investigation. You might like to take photos, draw a diagram, make a table or a graph. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have lots of fun!


Extra Resources


BBC Bitesize have started producing daily lessons in a variety of subjects!

Click on the link to find out more:


Thank you to all of you for everything you are doing to keep yourselves happy and safe. I cannot wait to see you soon!

Sally Elliott

Summer Term Home Learning Menu

Dear parents and children in Year 4,

Thank you so much for all the pictures and messages you have sent me. It has been so wonderful to see all the fun you are having at home! Now the Easter holidays are over, I have uploaded a ‘Home Learning Menu’ to the website which will give you some ideas that you might like to try at home. At school, we would have been learning about the Anglo-Saxon era so the ideas you will find here are linked to that. As Mr Towe stressed in his letter, these are just ideas for home learning and it is entirely up to you what you decide to do. We are very aware that some of you are still working many hours, have vulnerable family members to support and that home learning can be challenging when you have several children. There is no expectation to complete these activities at all. Whatever situation you are in, we have no doubt that the children, with their inquisitive minds, will be learning lots from the world around them every day and the value of that is not underestimated. If you are pushed for time, reading and times tables practise really are the two most valuable learning activities you can do.

I will be in contact with you all again over the course of the week. If for any reason you have not had a telephone call from me, it may be because the telephone number I have for you in incorrect. If this is the case, please e-mail me ( and I will try to make contact again. I think it’s so important that we maintain a sense of community for the children so that they feel confident and happy when we do finally return to school.

I really do miss you all very much and cannot wait to see you again soon. Stay safe, enjoy your family time and please e-mail me if there is anything you need.

Kind regards,


Sally Elliott



N.B. To use any links, please open the PDF below.

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Linked Resources

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