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School Work at Home

Year 3

If you and your children are at home for a prolonged period of time, these are our suggestions for working at home.



This website is providing free access for parents during the current outbreak of COVID-19. It has a vast array of resources, all of which are based on the English National Curriculum. If you put your child’s year group and a subject area into the search, the resources will be of the appropriate level.

In order to consolidate the work we have been doing in class this term, I would recommend the following areas:


Reading Comprehension – a good opportunity to practise reading and locating/inferring answers to text-based questions. There are many examples to choose from (try to choose a subject area that interests your child).

Character Descriptions – The children recently produced some excellent descriptions of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Perhaps they could write some character descriptions from some of their home books?

Story writing/non-fiction writing activities – Twinkl has many prompts for writing stories and information texts about different subjects. Any of these activities will be very good practice for writing.


Money – We are currently studying money (counting money, addition/subtraction of money and giving change). I have included some money activities for the final week of term and the plan is to move onto time after the Easter holidays. Of course, I will upload PowerPoints and tasks that can be accessed on the school website.

Addition/subtraction – this will be very useful as revision. “Word problems addition subtraction” will also provide very good reasoning practice.

Multiplication – This has been a major focus this year so all multiplication practice will be very useful. Again, word problems will help children to develop their reasoning skills.









We are currently learning about chocolate. As you all know, we were due to visit a chocolate factory next week. I had also arranged for Steph Picton (Cydnee (Y6) and Kitty’s (Y4) mum) to come in to make some chocolate from scratch with our class which I know they were all really excited for. With your help, could the children possibly make cakes, brownies or Rice Crispy cakes with a variety of different chocolate?

Perhaps the children could create a PowerPoint/project on chocolate?  



Any activities linked to plants will be very useful. Once again, Twinkl has an entire 6 week unit of work that can be accessed.



We have been learning about food vocabulary. Twinkl has a number of activities to help practise this. I have also sent home their Spanish workbooks so that there is an opportunity to record their learning.

On the school website is a new tab that is marked ‘home learning’. Under this tab, you will see this letter, along with new ideas and bits and piece that I find that will be published every now and then. I will use this page to post activities and ideas around questions that I am sent, and around national curriculum/ year 3 expectations. I will upload Word documents and PowerPoints a couple of times a week for you to use/look at/browse through at your leisure!



Other websites.

Times Table Rockstars: Any time spent practising on this site will be very helpful with rapid recall. Please use this site if you can!

Hit the Button: This is another very useful site for practising number facts.

Times Table Tennis: A fun tables ping-pong game!

Stop the Clock: A time telling game.

Toy Shop Money Game: A game for practising working with money.

Accelerated Reader: This site can help you track your child’s reading and to recommend other books to read.

Finally, please encourage your child to keep reading and keep practising their times tables! If they struggle with anything, if you need any further support, advice or help with anything in the pack, please send me an email at:

Hope to see you all very soon!

Mr Burchell

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