What have we been up to?

If you would like to share some of the fun and intesting things that you have been doing. Please email either Mrs Wiltshire or Mrs Breeze with your photos and we'll add them to the website.

Jasmine's been having fun

Jasmine has been really busy over the last few weeks, having alsorts of adventures. Have a look at whats shes been up to. Look at this great homemade bubble blower!


Jasmine and her sister have become pirates! How did you manage to get that ship in your garden? Amazing!!


Jasmine has been learning a bit of cornish. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you can share some with us on our return to school!

No stone left unturned

Jasmine has been helping to get the garden blooming. We cannot wait to see what plants pop up!

Jas the Builder!

Jasmine has honned her drilling skills and created a fantastic seating bench. Just in time to enjoy all these sunshiny days we've been having. We'll be around for a cup of tea and cake very soon.

Busy Tia!

Tia has been having lots of fun at home and out and about. Have a look at at her adventures. Here she is taking her baby for a walk in the woods.

Animal care

Tia has been busy lookig after and making homes for her pet snails. 

Let's find out

Tia has then found out all about snails and made an information book. We cannot wait to read the finished book!


Tia has built a cosy den to snuggle down and read her books in. we ewant to come in and have a read!

Pirate fun

James has really enojyed becoming a pirate! Here he is making a treasure chest for all his treasure.

Wheres the treasure?

James has made a tea stained treasure map. Look how he has carefully singed the edges with a candle. It looks very authentic!


James has found the treasure!! Who wants to know whats inside that fantastic chest?


We have a baker among us. Yum yum, these rolls look delicious. Please share!

The taste test

James, we would all like to know what yummy ingredients you stuffed your roll with?

Erin's adventures

Erin has been really busy, with lots of wonderful home learning activities! She has become a master of all things food, as well as, making a Lego island, crafting and planting seeds. 


Say cheese!

Erin has been busy making different cheeses including mozzeralla and halloumi! Did you see her delicious looking pizza with homemade mozzeralla?

Utterly Butterly!

Yum Scrum, I'm sure we'd all like some of this delicious looking butter on our toast with marmite. Well done Erin!

Treasure island

Look at this fantasic lego island Erin has created. Arghhh, wheres the treasure?

Bow down to King James!

James had a great time exploring during his first week away from school! Look at how creative he has been, that is an amazing crown James!!

Pirates vs Knights!

James created a fantastic small world! I wonder who won the battle between pirates and knights?


James has found a fantastic climbing tree while out and about.

Where's James?

James has been out and about exploring during his daily exercise! Just look at this awesome cave he has found.

What are you chalking about?

James, this a fantastic way to jazz up your drive! It must have taken you hours.

It's busy on the farm!

Harold has been really busy over the last few weeks helping out on the farm.  Your parents must feel really happy to have you around to lend a hand at such a busy time.

Designer lamb

Look at this special lamb with one black leg. It has managed to learning how to balance really well!

Feeding time

Harold has been helping out when it comes to looking after the orphaned lambs. He told me, he is taking special care of one lamb and his sister the other. What lucky lambs they are!

Focused on the important jobs

Harold and his sister working as a team, to get the job done!