Year 2 Home Learning Page


Dear parents and carers,

Firstly, we would like to say thank you for all your support so far during these unsettling times. We all love our children but we also know how tricky it can be to encourage them to do learning at home!  Whilst we would like for you maintain their learning as much as possible while the schools are closed, we appreciate that children might be scared and unsettled by what is going on at the moment in our world.  They will need love and reassurance that everything will be OK.  Alongside keeping up with their learning, please take this opportunity to create positive, memorable moments together. 

We will still be contactable at any time through email.   We will endeavour to get back to as soon as possible and will give you support and help where we can. We will still be working during this time and this means you do not need to hesitate to get in contact if you need us.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of resources and ideas out there to keep your children amused and educated at home. We appreciate that it is going to be difficult at times, so please don’t forget where we are if you need us.


This website is providing free access for parents during the current outbreak of COVID-19. It has a vast array of resources, all of which are based on the English National Curriculum. If you put your child’s year group and subject area into the search, the resources will be of the appropriate level.

In order to consolidate the work that we have been doing in class this term, I would recommend the following areas:


Writing –you could keep a diary of what you get up to? Store your memories to keep for a life time.

Send one of us an email, tell us what you’ve been doing, or take a picture of something you have done or something that interests you and tell us why you have sent it. Let us know if you want us to share it on the website for your friends to see.

Write a story. has lots of brilliant, short films which could be written in your own words.  Write a character description from a movie you’ve watched together!

Can you cut a picture out of a magazine or newspaper and use it to make up your own news story?

Reading – read books together and talk about them – I will enclose some questions you could ask.

Practice reading in your head.

Read a book to someone in your family, a grown up, a brother or sister, your family pet.

Could you make up a quiz about a book?  5-10 questions to test somebody else on the story.

Spelling – I have added the common exception words for you to practise. Can you paint them, write them in sand, use magnets, write them outside with a paint brush and water, can you make them out of leaves? Have a look on Pinterest for word writing practice ideas.



Fractions – I have included a sheet. We have been looking at how we can fold and share shapes into ½ and 1/4 ‘s. We also compared 2/4 to ½. Resources to support this learning can be found if you type “Y2 fractions” into the search there are lots of interesting sheets, a game and some problem solving questions that can be worked through.

Money – The children have been finding out how to make a whole amount in as many ways as possible, using coins. Can you use real, toy or drawn money to find as many ways as you can to make 26p, 65p, £1.20?

Also the children have been finding out what change they would get.  Could you make a snack shop, so that when your child asks for a snack, they have to find the coins and you can work out together what change should be given. E.g

Buy an apple for 12p, give 20p. How much change do you need?

Addition/ subtraction and multiplication/division – There is a wealth of activities for your child to complete to embed their skills, search if you add Y2 to the beginning of your search it will bring up useful material. We will add the methods we use in class to the home learning section of the website.

Statistics – The focus of this has been making tally charts, pictograms and bar graphs. Examples have been enclosed. Can you make a tally of food types in the cupboards? A tally of types of toys? If you type; Tally charts Year 2, Bar charts Y2 or pictograms Y2 in to the search bar at the top of Twinkl, it will also provide ideas and resources.

Multiplication and number bonds- these are ongoing throughout the year. You can again search for these on the Twinkl website. Number bonds to 20; 2, 5 and 10 times tables and counting in 3s will support them. There are websites with games they can also play which are included at the end of the letter. Can you find and learn some times tables songs from YouTube?



This time is a great opportunity to turn the home in to a place of fun, here are some ideas of things to do in the home to keep you all busy.

  • Here are some things you can do to fill the days:
  • Cook together – there are some fantastic simple recipes on the cbeebies website from the I Can Cook program.
  • Build a den or fort – blankets and clothes pegs or hair bobbles can be used to make a great den. Once inside, you could have a picnic lunch, snuggle up and read a story or watch a film.


  • Make potions – you could find (safe!) wild ingredients outside to mix together or you could help your child find things in the home that they could mix together and see what happens. If mess drives you crazy, you could create them in a sink or bath.
  • Get out those puzzles and board games!
  • Paint or draw – family portraits, generate three random words from this website and use it to create a crazy picture: Make a still life using their favourite toys. Google how to draw something they are interested in and watch a video which will guide your child how to paint or draw that perfect picture. Here’s one to start with:
  • Play hide and seek/ or find a special object that you can hide in a room give hot or cold clues to find.
  • Make a treasure hunt with clues for your child to follow. Can they make a treasure hunt for you?

PE: The Body Coach is doing a daily PE lesson at 9am on You Tube each week day.  Find his channel and subscribe to join in.  If that’s not your thing, have a go at yoga, with the Kosmic Kidz channel on YouTube.

Website – Stoke Climsland home learning page

This pack should have enough information and resources to get you through the next week. From then, please access the school website for further resources as and when you need them. We appreciate your patience while we create and add to this new section of the website.


Here are some more useful links to websites that will also support your children’s learning.

  • A wealth of resources to support all areas of learning.



  • A fun game to support multiplication/division/number bonds/halving/doubling.


  • A fun game to support learning number bonds


  • Mental arithmetic – you ask a question they splat the answer


  • Some songs we have been learning

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