Georgina's Beautiful Artwork

Suzie has been up to all sorts of things! Have a look!

Lilly-Mae has had a brilliant PE lesson with her brother!

Look at what Maya has been doing!


Maya made these tint strips as part of her learning about colour.

Colour Wheel

Maya used a paper plate to create her fabulous colour wheel.

Colours in Nature

Maya managed to find these things to match the colours on her chart.

Maya's Colour Monster

Maya's colour monster is called Fluttershy and it is a happy monster.

Kandinsky Art

Maya has used Kandinsky's art work to inspire her drawing of a tree. Doesn't it look great.

Leaf rubbings

Here are some leaf rubbings that Maya did as part of her home learning.


Lilly-Mae has been following her own interests and learning all about the human body. We love your skeleton Lilly-Mae. 

Eli's Exciting Activities

Georgina's Home Learning

Georgina has been learning all about Moses and the ten plagues of Egypt.

 Georgina says " Mummy is teaching me about Moses and I have watched Prince of Egypt the film. It was great, there were 10 plagues. The frogs were funny, the blood was funny and gross, the lice were really gross, but the 10th plague was the saddest and the worst."

Tate's Home Learning

Lilly-May's home Learning

Lilly May has been very busy. She has learnt allm about volcanoes and made her own paper mache volcano. She has made a bow and arrow and learnt archery with her grandad. She has even being doing her spelling by finding letters in her paddling pool! Great work Lilly.

Toby's home Learning


Georgina has been learning all about space and the constellations.

The Solar System

Georgina says "Here is my soloar system. Daddy and I have been working on it for ages and ages! I love the stars and put constellations inside the box. I am Capricornus, daddy is Cancer and we did Cassiopia for mummy because she likes the name. There are others there too, can you spot them?"


I think Georgina and her daddy have done a great job and I am sure they feel all trhe hard work was worth it. Well done guys!


He made a robot with daddy.

Mud Pies and Potions

He has made lots of mud pies and potions in the garden which he insists are explosive!

Animal Fact Sheet

He’s also made a poster about his favourite animal, a scorpion, featuring a picture of a young daddy and a dream two tailed black scorpion with green eyes!


We covered some basic geography and watched BBC Bitesize videos about Rui’s favourite place; South America! The globe we made recently has been brilliant fun. It was a birthday gift from a classmate but mummy can’t remember which one!

Magic Art!

We made “magic pictures” with white wax crayons and paint.

3D Shapes

He has been learning about 3D shapes and made some models


Rui did an experiment with cress seeds to learn more about their ideal environment. It was really fun to see the seeds that were in the dark try to hunt for some sunlight.


He has played shops with everyone in the house!

Lewis' Home Learning

It looks like Lewis has been doing some fabulous home learning.

Your painted stones are beautiful. Well done Lewis.

Rainbow Hair!

Wow! I bet your hair looked like a rainbow Maddi.

Stone painting

Maddi has been painting stones with her family.

Stone messages

Maddi has left her painted stones for other people to see where she lives.

They are really beautiful Maddi.

Wrapping Toys

Maddi wanted to share some of her toys with other children during lockdown. 

She is busy wrapping them for delivery.

Toy deliveries

Maddi is busy delivering her toys to other children.

Maddi you are so kind.

Woodland walks

Maddi has been enjoying woodland walks in the sunshine.

Lilly's Pet fact sheet

Lilly has created a fact sheet all about one of her pets.


Ordering Numbers

Lilly's big brother has been working with Lilly to order her numbers. Great work Lilly!

Tree House

Georgina, Ashleigh and their daddy made this tree house one day when mummy was at work. Georgina says "It's super high, has a slide to get down and is covered in camouflage netting so we can play spies. We love it!"

I love it too Georgina. I think you are very lucky girls and have a very clever daddy.

Mud Kitchen

This is Georgina and Ashleigh's mud kitchen. Isn't it great?

Mud Meatballs!

These are Ashleigh's mud meatballs! Would you like some for your tea?


In case you want to make mud meatballs, here is Ashleigh's recipe.

Team work

Lilly wanted to share her phonics treasure hunt and making words which her big brother Tyler set up for her and did with her. Great work Lilly and Tyler.

Toby's Pirate Ship

Toby and his dad have been very busy making this model of a pirate ship. They built it from a kit Toby got for Christmas.

Land Ahoy!

It has taken Toby and his dad 3 weeks to build the ship and haven't they done an amazing job? Well done.

Dinosaur Shop

Thomas had great fun setting up a dinosaur shop.

How much?

He priced all his dinosaurs and then worked out how much he could buy with certain coins.

Change please!

He even worked out how much change he needed to give. Great work Thomas!

Georgina's map

Georgina Wells went walking in the woods for Beavers and made this fabulous map when she got home. Great geography skills Georgina.

Rui's Home Learning

As you can see from these pictures, Rui has been very busy! Here are just a few of the things he has been doing: planting fruit, vegetables and flowers, learning about the parts of a plant, finding out about deciduous and evergreen trees, weather watching and recording the weather on a chart, making a globe, drawing a treasure map for the garden and a map of his kitchen and bedroom. He has also been learning about colours and went on a nature rainbow hunt in his garden. Great work Rui.

Eli's Adventures

Eli has been really busy during lockdown. Here are just some of the fun things he has been doing: playing board games, doing work with Zak and Lola, going out for walks, finding stones hidden by Orson and Remy, playing times table rockstars and making bath bombs. He also completed a homemade assault course with monkey bars and has been out on his scooter. Eli has taken on and achieved basketball and trampoline challenges (Can you get the ball in the hoop? Can you do a trick shot? Can you do a star jump? Can you do more than one type of jump in a routine?) He has been helping Nan with cooking and even helped Zak make and eat Stone Age oat cakes.

Well done Eli!

Evie-Mae's Biscuit Baking and Elephant Poster

Wow! What a great poster Evie-Mae, and look at those biscuits - how lucky are you to have help from your big sister!

Georgina's Invention

Georgina has invented a machine that pumps in hate, converts it and pumps out love to the world! What a great machine.

Thomas' story 'The Three Velociraptors Gruff'.

Toby's Lockdown

Here are some of the things Toby has been doing during his lockdown. He has been planting seeds, bird spotting, baking, doing some maths with daddy and camping in the garden. He also rehomed two very cute guinea pigs.

Home Learning

Lilly-Mae has been very busy with her home learning. She has been learning about the stars and space, she has made sausage rolls and cakes and even set up a shop. Here she is with a mask she has made.

Helping dad!

What do you think Lilly and her dad are making?


This looks like a great map of Lilly's garden.

Outdoor phonics

Lilly has been going on treasure hunts for phonic letters to make words. Great work Lilly.

Dolls House

Look at the amazing cardboard dolls house that Lilly has made with her mummy!


They used paint and felt pens to decorate it inside and out.


Now they are using fabric to make the beds and sofa comfy for the dolls.

Oliver's Home Learning

Oliver would love to share a few things that he has been up over the last few weeks.

He has had lots of woodland adventures including dam building, bike rides and walks. Oliver has been busy making pictures out of flowers and other natural objects, he has been den building in the garden and building castles in the sand pit. He has planted lots of seeds in the green house and vegetable garden. Oliver has been receiving letters from his cousin Amber and has been writing back to her each week. Oliver has loved making rainbow signs and putting them up both inside and outside of the house. We have been exploring weights, measures and capacity by using scales and fruit! 

He has also been very helpful fixing sheds and digger driving!

This looks like lots of fun Oliver!

Anna's Home Learning Fun

Here are just a few of the things Anna has been doing:

Baking, Countryside walks, Painting, Drawing, Creating with Lego, Making instruments, Planting vegetables, Writing and Mr Burchell's PE lesson. 

You have been so busy Anna!


King Edward

Edward made a crown for himself and one for his brother Henry.


Edward has been busy baking cakes with lots of sprinkles!


Edward taught his brother Henry how to ride his scooter. Great work Edward.

Exploring shadows

Edward has been doing shadow drawing. Maybe you could try this?

Card games

Edward and mummy have been playing card games. Guess who won? Yes, Edward of course!

Receiving mail

Edward received a picture in the post from his cousin Edey. Edward also sent a picture to Edey.

Beautiful Butterflies

It looks like Lowenna and Senara have turned into butterflies!

Indoor Race Track

This is a fantastic indoor race track.

Colour Collage

Lowenna and Senara have created a beautiful colour collage.

Cornish Tree House

Lowenna and Senara have worked hard to sand and repaint their very own Cornish tree house.

Cooking up a storm

A spot of 5.30am baking for Lowenna and Senara!

Magical Castle

Lowenna has created her very own Queen Elsa castle. It looks like Princess Anna is there too.

Den Building

Can you see Lowenna and Senara in their den?

Becoming a Witch!

Lowenna has been working on her spells.

Georgina .W

Here are just a few of the exciting things Georgina has been doing.

I have done a Beaver camp and helped painting the house.

Here are some of the things I have been doing. 

Our first crop of radishes that I planted 

My spa treatment after one of our rambles.

Making wax food cloths

Looking at snails

Icing biscuits

Making daisy chains, paper boats and planes there has been lots more! I have made potions in the garden and done magic spells, as well as making face masks, but Mummy wouldn't put it on her face!

Suzie has been incredibly busy! 

These pictures show some of the things Suzie has been up to which include acting out Red Riding Hood and making her own story book, making clay Elmer elephants, learning the parts of a plant and their function, sewing Easter bunting, egg experiments, lighting fires and learning about turtles! Well done Suzie


Alexa has been very busy during lock down. Here are just a few of the things she has been doing.

Gardener's World

Georgina has been busy planting some tomato seeds!

Dinosaur Descriptions!

Thomas is very proud of his writing about dinosaurs. He was very brave to be this close to a T-Rex and Velociraptor!

Well done Thomas.

Maya's Marvellous Work!

File icon: pdf Maya [pdf 356KB] Click to download