Year 1 Summer Term Home Learning Menu

Summer 2, Letter to Parents

June 1st 2020

Dear Parents and Class 1 pupils

Thank you all so much for joining in with our topic last half term, we have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about all your amazing creations. Your home learning has been amazing.

Our new topic for the next half term is ‘How does colour and music affect our mood?’ We will be investigating colour and how it makes us feel. We will learn about mixing colours, tints and shades as well as the work of some famous artists and trying out different artistic techniques ourselves. Art is wonderfully broad topic and includes many different opportunities for pupils to follow their own favourites.

Despite the fact that some Year 1 children will be back in school we will continue to offer the same home learning support to those of you choosing to stay at home. The children in school will follow the same program as the home learners allowing us to have a shared experience.

We are looking at ways to improve the zoom ‘get togethers’ so that they are more focused and allow a short teaching input and a challenge which can then be followed up at a set date. We have not finalised how this will work yet but keep an eye on the website for more detail.

We have created a new Topic Menu for both the children attending school and those continuing to learn at home. Relevant work documents will be available for you to download from our class website page. There will also be weekly updates with top up activities should you need them.

As always, we love to see the work class 1 is doing and I will continue to share photographs on our school website.  Please continue to email us at or  

Please remember, if you have any concerns or questions we are happy to help in any way we can, drop us an email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

All the best

Jacqui Payne

Becky Thomsett

Summer 2, Home Learning Menu

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Year 1

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Summer 1 Menu and Updates

Home Learning Menu Update, Week 6

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Week 5 Update

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Week 4 Update

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Week 4 Update (4/5/20)

Hi Year 1!

It was so lovely to catch up with you all on Zoom this week. We have missed your smiling faces and brilliant characters. Here are a few more things to keep you busy at home. Please feel free to email us to show some of the things you have been doing or if you have a question. Our email addresses are: or  

We would love to put some of your home learning on the school website. Please add a note on your email with your pictures, giving us permission to add them on the website.


Here are some more ideas for your learning:

English: Choose your favourite animal and create a fact book all about it.

Maths: Have a go at some of these daily activities on: BBC Bite Size KS1 Maths

Topic:  Use Google Earth to find your home and places you like to visit.


We are looking forward to speaking to you all on our telephone catch ups.


Becky Thomsett and Jacqui Payne



Week 3 Update

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Week 3 Update (27/4/20)


Hi Year 1!

We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. Here are a few more ideas for you to keep your brains busy! Please don’t forget – feel free to email us to show some of the things you have been doing or if you have a question. Our email addresses are: and  We would love to put some of your home learning on the school website.


Here are some more ideas for your learning:

As the weather is so beautiful we thought we could do some bits outside:

English: Create your own mud kitchen, make a recipe and write the recipe. We would love to see some of the things you have created.


Maths: 3D shape, collect sticks from your garden or on a walk. Now using string try tying them together to make different 3D shapes.


Topic: Collect a range of different leaves from your garden or local walk. Look at the shape, patterns and textures on the leaves. Now draw around one of the leaves and decorate it with some of the patterns and textures you have seen. Use as many different colours as you want.


We are missing you and look forward to speaking to you again soon.


Becky Thomsett and Jacqui Payne

Summer Term Home Learning Menu

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the Easter holiday sunshine! It has been really great to talk to lots of you and to hear about all of the things you are doing and we look forward to calling you again in the next couple of weeks for an update.


Our topic for this half term is ‘My locality’ and I think the last few weeks have really illustrated how lucky we are to live where we do and given us an even greater appreciation of the beauty that is on our doorsteps.

The activities are organised into subject areas and, where appropriate, we have tried to include web links to provide information, activities and hopefully some inspiration. We really hope that the children will find the activities enjoyable and useful. Also included are several activities that are based on revision of previously taught skills; this type of practice, together with daily reading if possible, is a very good way to ensure that previous learning continues to be embedded. 

Please remember that home learning should be as enjoyable as possible, if an activity is proving particularly difficult for whatever reason, please move on to something else.

Remember that this isn’t a checklist, but a menu to pick and choose from.

 Good luck with everything and please feel free to contact us on  or if you have any questions.

Our best wishes to you and all of your families, stay safe and enjoy the sun!




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Our Home Learning Menu

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