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Dear year 1 Parents and Guardians,                               


We would like to start by asking you and your children to stay safe during these uncertain times. This letter comes with a pack of ‘activities’ to work on at home in your child’s enforced absence from school. This pack contains a few things which we will outline and then we will point you in the direction of other materials that you might want to draw upon. Obviously, your child’s wellbeing and safety is our upmost priority right now: this pack is to keep them ‘ticking over’ in terms of their academic work. If they struggle with anything, if you need any further support, advice or help with anything in the pack, please send either of us an email at:

We will endeavour to either reply when we can or get something onto the website that will help others in our class as well. Please, don’t feel bad in contacting us, all staff are still working, just not always in school.


Your Pack includes

  • Maths
  • We have included a set of ‘Maths mats’. These contain a variety of maths problems from the Year1 curriculum, some easier than others. If your child struggles with a certain question you could create more similar problems to enable them to practise this area of maths.
  • Grammar
    • There are a few ‘Grammar mats’ which contain questions covering areas of the Year 1 grammar and punctuation curriculum. More of these are available on ‘Twinkl’ (website listed below)
  • Spelling
    • Spelling mats – these are designed to help children read and spell the common exception words. Again, more are available on ‘Twinkl’.
    • Year 1 common exception words. We have included a handwriting booklet to practise the Year 1 common exception words. The children should be able to spell these words by the end of the year so you may want to focus on a few words a week.
  • Phonics
    • We have included a sheet showing all the ‘special friends’ with the phrase that goes with them. We have also included some phonics worksheets. There are lots more phonics resources on ‘Twinkl’ if you put into the search ‘Year 1 phonics’ there will be lots to choose from. A website called ‘Phonics play’ has also made all their online games and activities free during this time.
  • Activity ideas
  • There is a booklet of some fun practical ideas for you to do with your child.
    • If you are going to be at home with your child, there is more to do than academic study, or rather, there is more to do alongside academic study. Playing board games, playing ‘shop’, anything that relies on mental maths, communication skills etc. is just as valuable.


On the school website is a new tab that is marked ‘home learning’. Under this tab, you will see this letter, along with new ideas and bits and pieces that we find that will be published every now and then. We will use this page to post activities and ideas around national curriculum/ year 1 expectations. We will endeavour to upload Word documents and PowerPoints a couple of times a week for you to use/look at/browse through at your leisure!

Reading and spelling

Oxford owl – Online books to read and use

Story Online – Listening to stories

ICT Games – Online spelling and phonics games


Pobble 365 – Pictures with writing activities

Literacy Shed – Short animations with writing activities

Once upon A Picture – Pictures with writing activities


KS2 only

Times table rockstars

Use your login to work on your tables:

NRICH – Maths games and puzzles

Top marks – a good website with a range of games to  play

Other subjects

Classroom secrets – A wide variety of home learning activities and activity sheets

Twinkl – An enormous number of resources – We will signpost more of these from my updates. You will have to sign up, but by using this code:


This gives a 1 month subscription to use at home and access to all of their thousands and thousands of resources.

BBC schools

There is a wealth of information and resources and videos on BBC schools, from English and maths to science and history.

The Twinkl website is providing free access for parents during the current outbreak of COVID 19. It has a vast array of resources, all of which are based on the English National Curriculum. If you put your child’s year group and a subject area into the search, the resources will be of the appropriate level.

There are a few things you could look at specifically to help your child at home:


Once again, please try not to feel overwhelmed by websites and things like that: there is lots more to do with your children that has just as positive an impact:

  • Walks
  • Board games
  • Cooking
  • Craft
  • Sketching and drawing
  • Building with blocks and Lego


The list really is endless. Please contact us or another member of staff if you need to – we are happy and available to support you during this tricky time.


Kind regards and stay healthy,


Jacqui Payne/Becky Thomsett

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