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Summer 2, Letter to Parents

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Summer 2, Home Learning Menu

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Summer 1 Menu and Updates

Home Learning Menu Update, Week 6

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Week 5 Update

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Week 4 Update

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Week 4 Update (04/05/20)


Hello Reception!

We hope you have had a good week. It’s been great to see all of the Superworms you have been finding!

We love seeing all of your photos and hearing what you have been up to. If you would like us to use some of your photos and comments for the ‘What We’ve Been Doing’ section on our class home learning page, please can you send them to our email address saying that you are happy for us to use them? Our email addresses are or 

Alternatively, please let us know if we can use some of the photos from your Tapestry account. We will be in contact soon for our next Zoom Get Together!


Phonics Challenges


  • Ask a parent to say a special friend sound to you. Can you write it down?
  • How many sounds can you say in 1 minute?
  • Play tricky word snap or bingo.
  • Pick a special friend. How many words can you think of with that sound in them?
  • Look for our phonics sounds video on Tapestry. Can you remember the sounds too?


Writing Challenge                                       

Pick a writing challenge from the list below:         

  • Draw an insect and write two sentences describing it.
  • Can you remember the rhymes that help us to form our letters correctly? Pick some of our sounds and say the rhyme as you write them.
  • Read or listen to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Can you make a list of as many of the different types of food that he tasted that you can remember?



Maths Teen Number Challenge

  • Teen number bingo or snap. Can your grown up call out a number and you mark it off or put something like a counter on it?

Be creative!

  • Make a flower fairy or person out of natural objects such as twigs, leaves and petals. You could make a little home for it!
  • You might like to make a butterfly collage or any other minibeast of your choosing. Ask a grown up for a template or make your own minibeast shape and enjoy sticking brightly coloured pieces of paper or recycling materials on it.

Have a good week and look out for our new ‘What We’ve Been Doing’ photos! If you haven’t seen them yet there are also videos from us on Tapestry!  Take care.


Mrs Moore and Miss Hernandez

Week 3 Update

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Week 3 Update (27/4/20)


Hello Reception!

We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine! We have loved talking to some of you on the phone and on Zoom! We like hearing all of the wonderful things you have been getting up to!

Here are a few more ideas to keep those imaginations buzzing! Please feel free to email us something if you like, or if you have a question, or even if you’re just stuck for something to do! Our email addresses are or 

Literacy Challenges

Phonics Challenge

Can you remember how to do a phonics lesson like at school? Can you be the teacher and make your parent, carer, brother or sister be the class children?

Follow the simple guide below:

· Start off with the alphabet song.

· Then run through all of the sounds.

· Can you remember some tricky words?

· Pick a special friend sound to work on.

  • Then write some words or sentences with the special friend sound in them.

Writing Challenge                                       

Pick a writing challenge from the list below:         

· Write a card or note to a family member or friend (we can send it to your classmate, if you send it to us on Tapestry).

· Make your own book with pictures and sentences to go with it.

  • Write a wish on a paper aeroplane (with the help from an adult to make a paper aeroplane) and fly it through the sky!




If you keep your eyes peeled and have a look at the website soon, you’ll be able to see a new ‘What We’ve Been Doing’ section.  Here are some more exciting ideas for your learning:


Be creative!

  • Your creative challenge is to go and collect as many beautiful and interesting looking things from the outdoors as you can and create a unique creature collage. You might want to think about a bug you found while out hunting or a butterfly you have spotted outside.

Look around your garden or take a container out for a walk. You could collect leaves, grass, sticks, stones or even mud (Check with your grown-ups whether the flowers you spot are okay to pick, as there are some beautiful wild flowers that want to stay in the ground a bit longer)!

  • Can you learn and remember ‘There’s a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden’ song? See Mr Tumble teach you how to sing it using sign language as well.


Maths Doubling Challenge

Have a practise first using the following link. Can you show what double 1 is, double 2, double 3 and so on?

Have a go at doubling, using things you can find outside such as sticks, leaves or stones. Challenge yourself – what is the biggest double you can find?


Play this fun doubles game using your fingers or objects to help you:


We are both missing you all lots. All of your Tapestry uploads have been brilliant and seeing your smiley faces makes us very happy! 


Mrs Moore and Miss Hernandez

Summer Term Home Learning Menu

Dear Parents, Carers and Children, 

We hope you are all well and enjoyed a ‘different’ but still lovely Easter. It has been wonderful to see what you have been up to on Tapestry, thank you for sending your photos and comments in. We are looking forward to speaking to you all over the coming weeks because we are missing you all and missing being at school. Look out for messages from us on Tapestry too!

Our topic for this half-term is ‘Our Natural World’. We have based a lot of our activities around ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson, as this is a book that we both love and we hope it will offer some fun and accessible activities about the natural world around us. We have tried to base the activities around resources that you may have at home, but also in the garden or be able to find out on your daily exercise time.

Our home learning menu will give you some ideas, it is not a checklist, but a menu to pick and choose from. If you have similar ideas or would like to adapt the activities then please feel free to do so. It has been great to see you sharing different stories, this is a wonderful daily activity to encourage discussion and sharing of ideas. If you would like more guidance, ideas or help with anything at all please send us an email to or . Please continue looking after yourselves and do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

We send our best wishes to you and your families.

Rachael Moore and Becca Hernandez




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Reception Home Learning Menu

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